Thanks To The Readers

Guest Post by Michael Chambers
I was told that several local Democrats have referred to the articles that I write when looking for something to criticize. I didn’t expect that people who disagree with my viewpoints would go out of their way to criticize me rather than try to convince the voters that they have something positive to offer. Well, at least they read, even though they don’t understand the message. That’s alright, because I don’t write for the local Democratic Town Committee. I know if I take one position, they would take the opposite point of view, no matter how silly they sounded. For example, I have stated that in these economic times, local government should be frugal and pay attention to improving its infrastructure. I was roundly criticized by the Democrats in town. Two months later, President Obama stressed the need to rebuild the National infrastructure as one way of creating jobs. So much for Democratic national policy!

I write for the general reader who is interested in a higher level approach to social discourse. I have tried to take the high road by denouncing the personal attacks on town officials, especially Lisa DiBello. I have tried to explain the position of the Sachem Passage neighborhood regarding industrial-sized wind turbines without trying to denigrate those who feel that Charlestown’s two potential wind turbines are the answer to the global warming issue. I also write about my disgust with the Homestead Tax Exemption (credit) that would steal from out-of-town land owners who cannot vote in Charlestown, endanger local businesses and would probably increase rental costs to students and senior renters. Sometimes I wonder if it wouldn’t be more justifiable to let all land owners who pay property tax to have a vote on their representation in our elections. As time went by, I became more disappointed with people who align themselves with the local Democratic bloggers because they allow the blog to continue to smear those who disagree with them, insult residents of this town, and make unfair criticism of town employees. Several candidates have tried to distance themselves from their Party Chairperson’s spouse’s blog, but it is transparent that they are inextricably connected.

These same bloggers try to say that I am the voice of the Charlestown Citizens Alliance. I do not write CCA’s material; I do not edit their blog; I do not design their campaign materials, including signs, banners, or post cards. I do not participate in the development of their voter’s survey. I do think that one of the differences among all the candidates is that the only group to ask the voters what they think is CCA. The others tell you what they think.

Gee, I appreciate being highly regarded by some Democratic bloggers, but, as in almost all their guesses, they got it wrong. I am not even a member of the CCA steering Committee and yet I am supposed to be the voice of CCA? They even said I wanted to run for office, now isn’t that a kick? I support the CCA candidates because of what they stand for.

I want to thank the readers, especially the local Democrats, who intensify my will and strengthen my resolve.