A Calm Voice Of Reason

Guest Post by Michael Chambers
Members of the Democratic Town Committee contend that the Charlestown Citizens Alliance controls the Town Council. CCA supports 2 councilors, the CDTC supports 2 councilors, and there is an Independent Councilor. Two out of five is 40%, the same proportion the CDTC has. Does the CCA contend that the CDTC controls the Town Council? No, CCA is good in math. Let’s not give the CDTC a go at the budget with their math skills.

Members of the CDTC contend that the Town Council disrespects the citizens of Charlestown. This must be because two councilors admonished one Charlestown Democratic Town Committee member that he had gone too far in disrespecting citizens of Charlestown. In this bit of irony, the CDTC is dedicating one of its campaign planks.

One member of the CDTC stated that the mass murderer in an Aurora, Colorado movie theater was under stress because he lived in a crowded city. We should forget that the shooter was a maniac with several legally purchased guns? That is a little hard to overlook. It’s a wonder most mass murderers up to this time were mostly located in rural and suburban areas of the country – another case of environmental determinism. CDTC should confer with their psychologist candidate before making such statements.

A member of the CDTC stated that not all people can have solar panels on their houses or garages. Is that because a rich person used up the available grant money on his own house and then crowed about it? Or is it that the sun shines on the rich and the poor are left in the shadows?

A CDTC candidate supports the construction of sidewalks in Charlestown. Where would you put them? Maybe under the streetlamps that the candidate also wants to have in town? But where would you put them? Maybe in the affordable housing complexes the CDTC wants to spread all over town. Wouldn’t that be the responsibility of the builder? So where are the streetlamps and sidewalks to go? Everywhere?

What would the cost to the taxpayers be for street lamps, sidewalks, garbage pickup and disposal, public transportation, and town water and sewage?

You see, this is the reason we should choose councilors who possess a calm voice of reason. They have to ask the hard questions to keep harebrained schemes from draining the town’s budget surplus. If you listen closely to what some CDTC members say, sometimes you can get a good laugh out of it, sometimes you can get a good scare out of it, but mostly you just shake your head and wonder why wisdom is such a rare commodity in the CDTC.