Guest Post by Michael Chambers
Two “Letters to the Editor” published in the Westerly Sun last week emphasize that principles matter and the most principled group is usually attacked by the most unprincipled groups. The letters are a case in point. One of the worst, if not the worst Town Councilor in the history of Charlestown has joined forces with one of the most unprincipled people in the town to attack the Charlestown Citizens Alliance-supported town officials. These officials have worked for the benefit of the residents of this town whereas the two letter writers have worked for the benefit of themselves or their friends. There is nothing praiseworthy in either of their characters and, except for the fact that they and their friends want to win the upcoming election, have no redeeming social qualities such as trustworthiness, reliance, or moral fortitude.

I usually don’t point fingers at individuals because even if they were to listen they are beyond caring about anyone but themselves and their ideology. Both of these letter writers have insulted one another in writing for over a year and now have joined forces to attack the CCA. Let’s just smile and be content in the knowledge politics makes strange bedfellows and that alone each is too weak to do any damage to this town, but together they may get the unsuspecting, uninformed voter to listen. This is why I think this league of the worst in the town finds it necessary to attack the best in this town.