Guest Post by Michael Chambers
I have a short piece of advice to the members of the Charlestown Citizen’s Alliance. Don’t stop to argue with people who cannot use facts to back up their contentions. All you get out of that is insults and character assassinations. Why bother with such a group?

Keep doing what you are doing. You have worked for the benefit of the residents of Charlestown so that they may continue to enjoy a good quality of life. You do not control the town council but your arguments are cogent and a majority of people in this town realize that you are a positive group who know how to get the results that this town needs. You do not have to get everyone in this town to agree with you, so keep going on with your vision for this town, such as reasonable development, low taxes, support of viable affordable housing projects, rejection of economically bad industrial projects, and rejection of all activities that would result in smearing and slandering any one individual in this town. The CDTC may support the social, economic, and personal destruction of Lisa DiBello with their silence, but they cannot fool our neighbors with their silence.