Moon rocks coming to Frosty Drew Observatory

Saturday, September 22, 2012 is this year’s International Observe the Moon Night, and Frosty Drew Observatory will join thousands of similar facilities around the world in spotlighting our nearest neighbor, the Moon. That night, the 1st quarter Moon will be in perfect position to give up-close views of the Moon. However, we will expand the Moon Night to Friday, September 21st, also, because we have a special treat for all who wish to learn more about this beautiful part of our sky.

Across the street, in the Drew Sky Theatre, the Frosty Drew astronomers will have Lucite cylinders of Moon and meteorite samples, courtesy of NASA. These priceless sets of space material have been borrowed from the Johnson Space Center’s Education Disc Program, and they will be on display for you to observe. Don’t miss out on this very rare opportunity to see these pieces of other worlds!

In addition, there will be interactive activities about the Moon, and a DVD on one of our lunar orbiters Also, Thawn Harris, legendary storyteller, will introduce us to the wonders of night sky legends

Earlier in the Park on that date there will be the Park’s Harvest Festival, from 10:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. Therefore, come to Ninigret Park and enjoy a day of celebration of the new season of fall, then stay with us to be a part the International Observe the Moon Night. Come to Frosty Drew and become acquainted with our only natural satellite, the Moon!