Get Busy

Guest Post by Michael Chambers
Another two weeks have passed and voters know no more today about the CDTC platform than they did in late June when the local politicians declared their candidacies. As a matter of fact, the only explanation of platform statements is provided by the Charlestown Citizens Alliance. I have seen nothing from the local Democratic party, the James Mageau group, or the Greg Avedisian campaign.

I keep hearing that I have no right to expect to see platform explanations or even platform goals for that matter. However, as a voter I expect to see credible information provided by the political candidates. Without that information, voters have to rely on hollow sound bites, unsubstantial accusations, and the ever present grapevine which historically have proved to be inaccurate, misinforming, and downright misleading. The CDTC, James Mageau, and Greg Avedisian seem to be relying on the lack of information to sway the uninformed voter.

If I missed the written explanation of the candidates’ platforms, just send me the URL and I will read them. If there is no URL, get busy people, Election Day is just around the corner.