2012 Primary Election Information

Tuesday, September 11 is the Rhode Island Primary Election.

There are both Democrat and Republican primary contests for our congressional representative in Washington. That office is currently held by Rep. James Langevin. The winners of these primaries will face off against one another and Abel Collins, who is running as an independent. The following people are running for our Congressional representative:

  • Abel Collins (Independent)
  • James Langevin (Democrat)
  • John Matson (Democrat)
  • Michael Riley (Republican)
  • Michael Gardiner (Republican)
  • Donald Robbio (Republican)
  • Kara Russo (Republican)

In State Senate District 38, which includes the coastal area of Charlestown, there are no local primary contests.

In State Senate District 34, which includes the northern part of Charlestown, Frank Maher, the current Rhode Island State Senator, has a Republican primary contest with Paul McFadden..

We have copies of the primary ballots for both State Senate district’s:
District 38 (coastal area of Charlestown)
District 34 (northern part of Charlestown)

Information about local candidates is at our website.

If you want to know where to vote, go to the Secretary of State’s web site at https://sos.ri.gov/vic/ , enter your name, date of birth, and zip code and you’ll be taken to a page with your voting districts and your polling place for the primary.

If you are unaffiliated you can vote in either primary. You need to disaffiliate after you vote. If you are a member of a party, you can only vote in that party’s primary, but you can disaffiliate and become unaffiliated after you vote if you want to.