What is the CDTC Hiding??

Guest Post by Michael Chambers
By asking for an explanation of the Charlestown Democratic Town Committee’s platform, I have been accused of trying to dig up dirt. Now if you check the Charlestown Citizens Alliance website, an explanation of their platform has been on line for over a month. They have nothing to hide and do not fear comments on their platform. We all know that the Progressive Charlestown blog has been trying to nitpick anything the CCA publishes. They even create things that never were, and never will be. Let them, they deal in a priori proofs from false inferences that come from the Wilfred Collette Story Book.

So another week goes by, seven days less for the voters to review and compare the objectives of both groups. Maybe the CDTC will sneak an explanation in a few days before the election. I once said that I doubted they would but how embarrassing it would be for a political party to hide an explanation of their goals.

This whole thing about the CDTC and the Progressive Charlestown blog not being connected is a little silly, don’t you think? I get insulted by the bloggers but not the CDTC members who do not even respond with a reason for their barebones platform – or maybe they are CDTC members after all. Curiouser and curiouser! Maybe Catherine Collette could make an official excuse, not to me, but to the voters of this town. Maybe the CDTC just doesn’t want voters to know what they plan to do to this town. Who knows? The bottom line is getting the CDTC web site to be open and transparent is like going through an obstacle course.

Before Tom Ferrio changed the web site, there wasn’t even a platform, but afterwards six motherhood statements showed up. Too bad there is no record of the CDTC site since Ferrio’s change so the local bloggers can continue to deny that there was no platform before the change. And as for digging up dirt, don’t you think the voter should get a complete explanation of their platform? What have they got to hide – the truth??