Just the Facts, Ma’am

Guest Post by Michael Chambers
If you overlook the obvious, ignore the facts, and make inferential statements so you can create a scenario that fits your warped view of your neighbors, you too may be able to contribute to the Wilfred Collette Story Book. Here is a case in point.

Wilfred accuses me of relinquishing my affiliation with the Democratic Party because I couldn’t keep my party affiliation and join the Charlestown Citizens Alliance at the same time. Of course I could have because CCA is not a party and there are many people in Charlestown who are Democrats that agree with the goals and objectives of CCA. That accusation is the inference that Wilfred uses to build his argument.

Now for the facts that he has overlooked; I changed my affiliation from Democrat to Independent because I cannot in good conscience be associated with the Charlestown Democratic Town Committee and the Town Committee members’ publications that tried to ruin the life of Lisa DiBello, tried to pickpocket out-of-town property owners, and would have sacrificed an entire neighborhood to back a local developer intent on making a big score. I said this often but it seems Wilfred sees what he wants to see and hears what he wants to hear. Another fact: while I mostly agree with the goals of the Charlestown Citizens Alliance, and I am thankful that they give me an opportunity to share my views, I am not a member of CCA, am not a member of the Steering Committee, have not financially contributed to the campaign fund, but will support them with my vote.

See how different the facts are from what Willy the Wing Nut (James Mageau’s characterization – I love that name) has inferred? This is how he creates a situation and then argues his point. An inference supported by falsehoods sounds good but cannot be substantiated.