The Schoolyard Bully

Guest Post by Michael Chambers
As opposed to what some local Democratic party members have said, I am not averse to movie references. One of my favorites is “A Christmas Story” where little Ralphie, who had been tormented by the infamous Scut Farkus and his toadie Grover Dill, finally has had enough and levels a flurry of fists and curses that results in the bully getting a bloody nose and the toadie running away. The key to this memorable scene was “enough is enough.”

The Democrat’s Blog engaged in a crusade against Lisa DiBello, her friends, and family by issuing a plethora of lies, half-truths, misdirection, and outright slander. Lisa cannot find gainful employment because employers, who look at her past employment on the Internet, are confronted with three Google pages of Progressive Blog attacks on Lisa’s character. To me this would be grounds for a personal injury claim, but Lisa needs to spend her time trying to find employment and dealing with the litigation against the town. The “Progressive” Blog would deny Lisa her right to appeal the loss of her job without due process. She also has had to work alongside Marge Frank who was apoplectic when referring to Lisa as a Town Councilor. Lisa said enough is enough and called Charlestown Democratic Town Committee member Wilfred Collette to task, who, in turn, tucked his tail and went to a sympathetic reporter from the Westerly Sun to defend himself. Lisa got a standing ovation when she completed her statement.

A few weeks later, Tom Gentz had had enough of the sniping and the insulting characterization of his demeanor. I thought he was rather subdued in telling Wilfred Collette that he has had enough and that the Progressive Blog is not subject to journalistic constraints. He said what many in the room thought because there was a resounding round of applause when he finished. As I looked around the room, many of the people applauding were not just members of CCA, but were residents who also said “enough is enough”. This was the second time Tom Gentz admonished the Bloggers about their lack of facts and decorum. That lasted two weeks and when someone pointed out that decorum lasted only two weeks, one of the bloggers said to be grateful for the two weeks.

Now that people are saying “enough is enough”, Progressive bloggers are saying “they started it, it’s not our fault, were innocent sheep and we are being attacked by the CCA wolves. Please, don’t take the residents for fools. They know that the mudslingers have mud on their hands. All they have to do is follow the Lisa DiBello saga on the Progressive Blog and they would be appalled by the depths that Wilfred Collette has gone to destroy one of his neighbors.

So the bully had his nose bloodied. Act like a man and take responsibility for persecuting people.