A Voice in the Desert

Guest Post by Michael Chambers
John the Baptist preached in the desert his whole lifetime and slowly, but surely, gained a following. His message was well received by those who listened. Sometimes I feel as he must have; a cross between frustration and outrage at the ignorance of the authorities. But, I have hope that my voice will be heard, especially by the rank and file voters in Charlestown.

Another week has come and gone and another request for information about the Charlestown Democratic Town Committee (CDTC) platform goes unanswered. I can’t be the only one person who would like to see the local Democrats actually speak to the issues. By ignoring such pleas, the CDTC is showing what they think of informing the voters of Charlestown – if the voters don’t know the truth; it can only help the CDTC. Again, it is a situation where “trust me” seems to be their attitude.

The CDTC has spent more time and effort raising money from unsuspecting voters and campaign supporters than they have spent on developing a message to the electorate. I have been told that developing a consensus among Democrats moves at glacial speed, because presumably they don’t know how to build consensus or even what their message should be. A well-informed source says that the CDTC can’t get everyone to agree. How do the local Democrats expect to convince people that they are responsive to the town’s needs, if they can’t be responsive to a single person for the most basic information that they should have at their fingertips? I have heard the inane excuses offered by members of the CDTC. I have been berated by members of the CDTC for having the temerity to ask pertinent questions. As I have said, they can berate my requests all they want, but they do not earn anyone’s respect as examples of Charlestown’s citizenry. Maybe as bad examples?

Of course I know how I will vote, but for those who are still undecided in the face of an uninformative party whose behavior is condescending and insulting, take it upon yourself to ask the pertinent questions. Maybe if enough people ask, the CDTC will get off their duffs and stand up with useful information. But I doubt it.