Salt Ponds Coalition 2012 Annual Meeting – Open to all – no fee

Who: Special Guest Speaker: Dr. Jon Boothroyd, RI State Geologist
What: Climate Change, Coastal Geologic Hazards and Sea-level Rise: Some Rhode Island Strategies.
When: Monday Aug. 20th at 7:00pm
Where: Kettle Pond Visitor Center, 50 Bend Road, Charlestown

Jon Boothroyd is the Rhode Island State Geologist and Research Professor Emeritus of Quaternary Geology, Department of Geosciences, College of the Environment and Life Sciences, University of Rhode Island. Professor Boothroyd holds a B.A. degree in Economics from the University of New Hampshire (1962), a M.S. degree in geology from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst (1972), and a Ph.D. degree in geology from the University of South Carolina-Columbia (1974). Professor Boothroyd is on the research faculty of the University of Rhode Island, retiring from active teaching after 35 years in 2010. Professor Boothroyd is primarily a field geologist specializing in coastal, braided river, and various glacial environments. He has 45 years of field experience in New England, South Carolina, Alaska, Iceland, Saudi Arabia, Madagascar, Ecuador, Mexico and the Azores. His current research focuses on:

  • Climate change issues focused on accelerated coastal erosion and sea-level rise
  • Coastal geologic hazards and management issues
  • Long-term (years) beach changes
  • Geologic mapping of Quaternary (surficial) deposits
  • Benthic geologic habitat of Essential Fish Habitat and aquaculture sites
  • Processes and development of barrier and headland shorefaces in glaciated terrain
  • Holocene stratigraphy of microtidal lagoons
  • Geoarchaeology of New England