Less and Less Information

Guest Post by Michael Chambers
Every time I bring this topic up, I get slammed by the Charlestown Democrats. It is as if I do not have a right to ask questions or to seek more information. However, I will continue to ask until the local Democrats get off their pulpits and actually offer some information that is informative to the public. It seems to me that if the local Democrats have something important to say, they would say it and not use their bloggers to promote their propaganda.

As I have shown, the Charlestown Democratic Town Committee (CDTC) website did not even have a platform until they changed their website due to some excuse about an unidentified individual stating that they are connected to the PC Blog. One their new and “improved” website the following Flag-Motherhood-Apple Pie platform was promoted.

CDTC Platform
• SUPPORT Balanced Economic Development
• SUPPORT Affordable Housing Opportunities
• OPPOSE Gaming Facilities in Charlestown
• SUPPORT Open and Civil Government
• SUPPORT Environmental Protection
• SUPPORT Tax Fairness

This was well over a month ago and as of today, has not changed one iota. I have asked for explanations of these six bullets and got insulting responses from the local Democrats. How dare I ask what these bullets mean! Can’t I read? It is what it is! I will keep asking because the local Democratic committee must have some idea what they want to say: or do they expect the voters to be satisfied with these overarching statements and not ask any questions. As the shyster said to the pigeon – trust me!

This attitude is one step better than what we know about the Jim Mageau Show and the Greg Avedisian Show. We don’t know anything about their candidates, their platform, their backgrounds and their goals, except of course to get elected without telling the voter anything. So, CDTC and other Showmen, put up your signs and keep your cards face down and see who will take a chance on the hand you are holding. Voters, if you are willing to use your vote to gamble on your future, maybe you should go to Foxwoods or Mohegan Sun where you would get better odds for success.