Guest Post by Michael Chambers
I have been reading a lot of blog material over the past few months and contributing to one of the blogs. One of the approaches I have used is to resist personal attacks and violent imagery to make my point. If anyone cares to understand the differences between the Charlestown Democratic Town Committee (CDTC) Blog and the CCA Blog, they will see that facts are foremost in the CCA offerings and those who write for the CCA website know their subject matter and do not create situations that cannot be upheld to scrutiny. Conversely, it is common to read half truths, outright lies, errors of reporting, slanted reporting, and direct attacks on the character of those who do not follow in lock step with the local Democratic Blog proponents.

I challenge anyone to produce imagery of violence proposed by CCA. I can produce many instances where violence is the image proposed by the Democratic Blog. One example is Tom Ferrio’s reference to a pogrom initiated by the Town Council. No one in their right mind would accuse anyone of violence so heinous against a helpless minority. The knife in the back image directed at Charlie Vandemoer; the Collette statement bragging that he would kick someone to the curb. Then there is the “Kill Bill” imagery. It makes me think that you cannot discuss issues but overdo the violent imagery to get the CDTC point across. These images are disturbing to those people who would rather discuss the issues, but I will guarantee they will not back down from their positions because the Democratic Blog chooses to put that imagery on the table. The only point you get across is that the CDTC considers itself the schoolyard bully, and we all know how that will turn out.