Guest post by Michael Chambers
When we moved to Charlestown, my wife and I were registered Democrats. I have since changed my affiliation to Independent because of the behavior and tactics of the local Democrats. I am not opposed to some of the policies of the National Democratic Party, nor am I opposed to some of the National Republican policies. It is the local Democratic Party that bothers me.

Early in July, I wrote an article on this website on “Dodging Missiles” over the past two years, so my commentary is based on about the same timeline that the Charlestown Democratic Blog has been publishing “comic relief”. It seems the bloggers cannot understand why their humor isn’t universally embraced. This is all part of their excuse for not being appreciated in this town. Like the patient telling the psychiatrist, “My friends just don’t understand me!” There is really no reason to go point for point with the bloggers, because it doesn’t get to the overriding problem. You just can’t see the forest for the trees. Nit picking is the art of obfuscation, a tactic used by the bloggers to confuse the issues. Like listening to Evelyn Smith trying to make a point.

During the Jim Mageau regime, the residents of this town had nothing to feel joyful about. So the CCA was created to give residents a more direct voice in local politics: then came the Marge Frank council which included four councilors who did everything they could to promote projects that would effectively ignore the will of the people. No joy in Charlestown during the last years of that council. Also, during that time, the bloggers started their promotion and production of missiles aimed at their neighbors. The most recent council that is causing the local Democrats a lot of angst has two CCA members, an Independent, a Democrat and a Republicrat (a “Republican” doing the Democrat’s bidding). Since the inception of this Council, the bloggers of the local Democratic Party would have led this town down a dangerous road had they been in control.

The issues facing Charlestown today are not funny, they are downright serious. If some smug internet troll decides he wants to make a joke of this town’s future; that is his prerogative. Those candidates who agree with him are just as dangerous. Today’s issues will determine the future if this town. What kind of community do we want? Do we want industrial turbines dotting the landscape so a local developer can make a profit on his land? Is this funny? Do we want an unfair property tax where out of town landowners subsidize local land owner taxes? Is this funny? Do we want volunteers insulted for their hard work? Is this funny? Do we want to cause friction with our neighbors by disregarding land transfer agreements? Is this funny?

To this day I do not regret changing my affiliation. I vote in this town. I will not let the local Democratic Party taint any part of my voter status. On the National and State levels, I am just as prone to vote Democrat as I am to vote Republican or Independent. I will vote for the candidate and not the Party. On local issues I cannot in good conscience vote for a Democrat because of the company they keep. If they can tolerate this group, they can also tolerate bad government.