End of Carcieri fix for this Congress!

The Carcieri Fix – the move to overturn a Supreme Court ruling that protects Charlestown from casino development – has NOT been passed in the Senate. Members of the Charlestown Democratic Town Committee (CDTC) recently wrote that the Carcieri Fix had passed. This is NOT true. One CDTC member also wrote that he was not in fear of a Carcieri Fix passing. CCA presumes that the CDTC Town Council candidates would not be in fear of the Fix either–please remember this at election time. Having a Carcieri Fix approved opens the door to a casino in Charlestown–it’s that simple.

As you know, CCA Town Council candidates are adamantly opposed to a casino/gaming in Charlestown. Perhaps the CDTC and its candidates will be disappointed that the Carcieri Fix was not passed–CCA is thrilled that it was not passed!

Here’s what really happened: Senator Daniel Akaka of Hawaii, a proponent of a Carcieri fix and chairman of the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs, put a hold on consideration of the HEARTH Act (Helping Expedite and Advance Responsible Tribal Homeownership) in an attempt to force the Senate to consider a Carcieri Fix. As Committee Chairman he can stop legislation from getting out of committee and to the full Senate.

Senator Harry Reid of Nevada is the Senate Majority Leader. In an unusual move Senator Reid hotlined the bill to the full Senate over the head of Senator Akaka, without the Carcieri fix language. Without language to overturn Carcieri, the legislation passed the Senate by unanimous consent and now heads to the House.