Catherine in Wonderland

Guest Post by Michael Chambers
Now I know why people run red lights. Catherine O’Reilly Collette and I have lived in the same town for the past two years and see what has occurred in a different light. I see the progression of life in Charlestown with a green light and she sees it through a red light. I know why as well as just about everyone in Charlestown. She is the Charlestown Democratic Town Committee (CDTC) chair, her husband sets the agenda, and her party is out of control. Who wouldn’t want to put a stop to that kind of situation?

Catherine said, “Charlestown needs positive change,” I am positive she believes that but her use of the word “positive” is incongruous with the message her “Progressive” CDTC members have been promoting. Just about everything they espouse has been negative, deceptive, and dangerous to the residents of Charlestown. For reference, scroll down about four articles to “Dodging Missiles”.

Catherine goes on to say, “For the past six years, we have been in constant turmoil and the community has been divided over competing visions.” Let’s see if I understand this: since the Mageau run Town Council which generated enough concern in town to form the CCA; through the Marge Frank Town Council, Marge being supported by the CDTC; to the Tom Gentz Town Council, Gentz being a member of CCA; the CDTC really didn’t have total control of the Town Council. That understandably sticks in her craw. Catherine goes on to state, “Charlestown has been run by a group with a narrow-minded vision for the town, (this translates into not the CDTC vision where unrestricted development, scorn for residents in general, and cronyism is valued). As she continues, “a vision that scorns the needs of working families, is hostile to small business and panders to wealthy, non-resident property owners.” What is missing here? Footnotes and facts!! She gave her opinion, and like her aberrant husband, cannot support them or at least does not wish to support them with facts, just her opinion.

Collette continued, “Our slate represents a vision that we must make Charlestown a place that is friendly and inviting to all – including working families. That term “we must” tells the whole story. The CDTC wants the government to run the lives of the residents without any dissension. If you dissent, you will be attacked by their Internet Trolls. The “all” is for those who agree with their vision. “A place where we preserve our environment, especially our beaches, salt ponds and recreational areas, but recognize that there is more to the environment than just open space.” Yes, like wildlife preservation, not affected by commercial and industrial pursuits; tranquil neighborhoods not under the shadow of wind turbines; a pleasant park system, walking trails, a welcoming tourist and vacation site, and a place where people can openly disagree without being verbally attacked by the CDTC operatives.

We need fresh ideas on taxes and budget priorities. We need fresh ideas on how to help small businesses in Charlestown grow and thrive. We need to support and expand local agriculture, arts and culture, and businesses that not only serve our summer visitors but also provide year-round job opportunities for residents,” said Collette. As usual the CDTC offers a mixture of sound and original ideas. Unfortunately none of the sound ideas are original and none of the original ideas are sound. Sorry Catherine, I just had to say that because in the six years the CDTC has been weeping about their fate, they came up with only one proposal (to fleece the out of town property owner), while listing all these needs of the town. Where have you been: in Wonderland?