Overview of July 9 Town Council Meeting

Charter Revision Committee amendments all approved to be on the ballot. They consist of:

  1. Requirement of public hearing for any time a Town Council (TC) wants to enter into a financial partnership with person, party, entity or association.
  2. Modify Town purchasing requirements to comport with RI General Laws.
  3. Provide for the selection of Town Council officers based on a descending order of preference measured by highest vote totals to lowest vote totals.
  4. Require Town prepare a capital improvement program for anticipated expenditures reasonably foreseeable to occur in the five year period next following the present budget cycle.

The committee also made two recommendations:

  1. TC consider amendments to Zoning Ordinance and recommends Planning Commission consider amendments to the Subdivision and Development Regulations to preclude multiple or successive applications for development on the same property while existing applications for development are pending or unresolved, such as matters in litigation and/or under appeal, concerning the same property.
  2. TC use interview process to review any candidate for appointment or re-appointment on a commission, board and committee. Interview will assist TC in selecting candidates deemed most suitable. Meeting with candidates gives TC the direct opportunity to learn about the candidates.

Police chief selection committee-So far, Richmond Police Chief Elwood Johnson be on the committee, along with Acting Town Manager Pat Anderson and Tom Gentz with Town Solicitors Peter Ruggiero and Bob Craven observing. The Charlestown Fraternal Order of Police will select their representative.

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on Ninigret Park — The Town Solicitor has drafted the MOU between the Town and the US Fish and Wildlife. It is being reviewed by the Acting Town Administrator, Parks and Rec Director and Parks and Rec. Commission Chair. Once there is agreement on the wording it will be presented to the US Fish and Wildlife for their comments before it is forwarded to the Town Council for review and a vote. The MOU may be presented to the Council during its August meeting.

Approval of Town Administrator Search Committee and the Referendum on the YMCA Land Purchase have been continued until Monday, July 23, 2012 at 7 pm