CCA – A Local Force

Guest Post by Michael Chambers
Whenever the Charlestown Citizens Alliance is discussed in political terms, the subject is almost always based on issues that face the residents of Charlestown. This means that the CCA is doing its job. The Charlestown Democratic Town Committee (CDTC) and local Republicans take their cues from their National Party officials. At the local level, this trickle down policy development can negatively impact the social and economic conditions in this town. For example, we escaped the construction of two industrial-sized wind turbines next to a residential neighborhood only because the people who fought against them did not take their cue from Washington, which was pushing wind power. So CCA came out against the policies and procedures that were forcing those wind turbines next to a neighborhood and the CDTC and  local Republicans complained that Charlestown is antagonistic to alternative power. They were wrong then and they are wrong now, because CDTC continues to push for wind turbines in Charlestown.

In order to endorse and support candidates for elected office, Rhode Island law requires that CCA registers as a PAC. A political action committee (PAC) is any organization in the United States that campaigns for or against political candidates, ballot initiatives or legislation. CCA is not affiliated with any one political party. This is an important distinction from most political groups. CCA has members that are Republican, Democrat, and Independent. What links them are the issues facing Charlestown. CCA does not preach from the Washington D.C. pulpit. There is no trickle down political philosophy that can adversely affect the life in our town. Because the issues are local, the politics are local, the solutions are local, the thinking is local, the funding is local, and elections are local, voters can choose their candidate without regard for party affiliations. Each candidate endorsed by CCA is accountable to each and every citizen in town and not to a political policy developed inside the Washington Beltway.

CCA will play an active role in monitoring public policy decisions and all commission, committee, and executive appointments to ensure that no conflicts of interests by elected officials occur in the appointment of any town officials, contractor, or appointed commission and committee members. This is another benefit of CCA. Officials who vote along their party lines at the expense of people in this town; and believe me, politicians have been known to sacrifice the good of their constituents for the good of their Party or themselves within the Party. CCA endorsed candidates promise to uphold the agenda/platform that is openly stated on the CCA website. CDTC, the Republican Town Committee, and the Independent Coalition in Charlestown do not explain their agenda. Some do not list their goals at all.