Thank You For Signing Our Petitions!

Thanks to all who showed up last Friday and Saturday at the Quonnie Grange to sign our CCA candidate petitions. We were fortunate that the turnout was beyond expectations and we were able to send in candidate petitions with more than the required signatures.

The election in November will be VERY important for Charlestown. It will center on whether the electorate wants to proceed with government that is transparent, dignified and respectful to the electorate or whether Charlestown will take a sharp turn to a Town Council that will be divisive, vindictive and not concerned about the wants and needs of residents.

CCA has terrific candidates for Town Council — Ron Argelado, Tom Gentz, Dan Slattery and George Tremblay and for Planning Commission — Connie Baker, Gordon Foer, Peter Herstein, Jan Knost and Ruth Platner. In the coming weeks and months, we will be featuring our candidates in our emails and writing about their views on particular issues. Stay tuned!!

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Tell your neighbors and friends about our email list, forward them this email or our web site address and let them know we are a free service!!

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Charlestown Citizens Alliance Steering Committee