How about an Explanation?

Guest Post by Michael Chambers
The CDTC finally put together an agenda but had to be shamed into it. For more than a full year the CDTC claimed their raison d’etre was to provide an opposing view to the issues facing the people of Charlestown. That was all. There was no identification of the issues and no discussion about their position on the issues. For the most part, the CDTC judged which way the wind was blowing before taking an “official” stand as in the case of the wind turbine issue and in the case of the Town Administrator.

Nonetheless, they finally listed six agenda items they are will to stand behind, but there still is no explanation of what they mean by the items listed. You are left to guess what they intend to do and say about the items. The CDTC needs to step up, list and describe the issues as the CCA has done for years. The Progressives and CDTC have become so used to the idea that their rants against CCA will garner votes without putting any meat on the bones of their agenda. Do the members of the CDTC and Progressives think the people of Charlestown are so sheepish as to be led down the primrose path? CCA has been trying to put the issues on the table, to describe the issues, to identify their position on each issue, and to leave it up to the voter to choose whom they trust. The Progressive CDTC chooses to keep their position a secret so that they don’t have to explain anything to their constituents. This is surprising because they haven’t been at a loss for words when insulting volunteers and whining about not getting their way.