When Will We Learn What The Charlestown Democrats Think?

Guest post by Peyton Storm
Our fore bearers wisely thought that an adversarial system of government replete with competing ideas and loyal opponents bring the best results.

Unfortunately we have enjoyed few, if any, ideas from the official Democrat Party in Town. Worse we have endured the attacks, ridicule and childish caricatures – literary and graphic – by the Democrat Town Chairperson’s husband Wilfred. Wilfred appears to have little to do but stimulate himself with endless town meetings; pedantic articles that go on endlessly; and countless Freedom of Information requests. Let’s be honest, Woodward and Bernstein he is not. Recently he delivered us the important information that the secretary of the Charter Review Commission – a volunteer – was tardy in getting in Comission minutes some months back. I need not tell you how important this is to national security, community well being, or even the price of squash. Few will be fooled by this lightly veiled strategy to get at her husband who is running for Council.

Wilfred, a self described strategic researcher – which I think in ordinary parlance means partisan hit man – has spent more than a year preparing the battleground for the upcoming Charlestown election. But not on the high road. He has mocked and heaped contempt on elected officials. He made a hideous display in going after one councilor’s friends and family in the hope of discouraging her. Aided by a former town clerk, much of whose heart and more of whose nose is still in Charlestown, Wilfred cultivates disgruntled sources. Mocking and anger and hyper-complaint are largely tools of the impotent.

Churchill said it was his policy never to speak to the monkey when the organ grinder was in the room. Now with the entrance of Democratic Candidates for the Fall election we at least have the appearance of the organ grinders. It probably will not lessen the antics of the monkey. Clearly Wilfred needs this gig to prove his superiority and work off some spleen. The mere thought of engaging in ideas from actual candidates is purifying for a democracy and an earnest of hope. We may even find that the councilors whom Wilfred so scorns look pretty good in comparison.

Of course one looks in vain for anything on the Democrat Town Committee Website about the candidates. It is one of the most static websites whose latency period is measured in seasons if not years. One might think Mrs. Collette, the Democrat Chairperson would use this site to the maximum and oversee it like the significant communication site it could be. If she was the secretary of the Charter Review Commission and wife of a candidate Wilfred wanted to needle, he’d write an article about her laziness and ineptitude. Perhaps he would even attack her civic negligence as a public person. But Mrs. Colette must be busy soothing Wilfred for after his great and glorious days as an environmental and labor advocate, he is reduced to making mountains out of molehills in Charlestown.

Let’s watch and see how soon we hear from the Democrat candidates about their qualifications and ideas. It is an engagement to be welcomed.