Is It Something I Said?

Guest Post by Michael Chambers
I took a short trip to the CDTC website again to see if they have decided to tell Charlestown residents what their platform may be for the upcoming elections. Lo and behold, their website has changed drastically. Good for them, they know when they are being scrutinized. One thing bothers me, though; on each page there is a disclaimer about their connection to Progressives and blaming an unknown person for the connection. Evidently they don’t read bylines, because I put my name to that connection openly. Here is the disclaimer: “A person choosing not to identify himself has claimed that the website Progressive Charlestown is a voice for the Charlestown Democratic Town Committee. While the Progressive Charlestown authors include several members of the Committee, that website and the articles are their individual products and reflect their individual opinions and style.” I think they knew, don’t you? The word “himself” is a giveaway. I don’t believe I said it was the voice of CDTC. Just an aside: Tom Ferrio who is a CDTC member and may even be the tech working on the CDTC website, has also changed the Progressive site saying he was tired of the word “blog” in the address. Coincidence?

The CDTC goes further to say that they do not review or approve the blather from the Progressives. Some hairsplitting is going on here. The content of Progressive Charlestown is not reviewed or approved by the Committee in any way unless explicitly stated in an article (for example, a Committee press release published there). I go back to my statement about imprimaturs. No one said the CDTC oversees the Progressives, but that they are opposite sides of the same coin. A couple holding hands and strolling on the beach makes two distinct sets of foot prints. They are still connected and walking in the same direction. The CDTC and the Progressives are still strolling on the beaches of Charlestown.

The new website has removed the chest-pounding statement about providing an alternative view to Charlestown issues. I guess even they realized that being “No No Nannettes” was counter-productive and people who visit their web page may get that impression.