Is there a local Republican Party?

Guest Post by Michael Chambers
After ascertaining that the Charlestown Democratic Town Committee had no platform and stood for only providing counterpoint to the efforts of the Town Council and Planning Committee, and any other committee not owned by the local Democrats, the next stop was to check on the health of the local Republican Party. Unbelievably, I could find nothing on the Internet except several articles on the Progressive Charlestown Blog taking pot shots at Republicans, who locally may not exist.

I know that Greg Avedisian is supposed to be a Republican but acts so much like a local Democrat that they have adopted him as their poster child. They really, really like him! Do we have to assume that names that show up on the Republican slate are really Democrats that just didn’t get their names in on time? Will the list of Republican candidates be assembled like the names left off the Affordable Housing Commission? Thanks for offering but we have a full slate, check with the Republicans, if you can find the Party Chairman. How do the Republicans from Charlestown get to attend the Republican Convention? Better yet, how did the Charlestown Democratic Town Committee get left off a boondoggle to the Democratic Party Convention? Can they pay their own way to the big party and will they be allowed in?

This was supposed to be focused on the Republicans, but like extra-terrestrials, there are more sightings of ET’s than Republicans in Charlestown.