Councilor appealed to our better spirits

Guest Post by George Tremblay
Kudos to Councilor Lisa DiBello for making public her personal experiences with faulty lines of communication within Town Hall and from Town Hall to a local business owner. The problems she cited underscored the need for the recent changes brought about to foster a more conscientious effort at passing along necessary information to affected parties. Ms. DiBello also made it a point to commend the efforts of the Acting Town Administrator, the Town Clerk, and the Town Solicitor, each of whom has assumed added responsibilities during the transition.

Councilor DiBello also appealed to our better spirits, to rise above the ad hominem attacks and rancorous ridicule that volunteers in the public service are subjected to from vocal quarters of the political opposition. Hers was an appeal to debate the issue, rather than attempt to debase the speaker. It was an appeal to civility, and I thank her for making it from the podium.