Democratic Town Committee shows no platform, no goals

There is so much to say in the review of the CDTC website that a cursory review is impossible. There is so much wrong here, a single page cannot describe the party’s widespread negative consequences. The website of the Charlestown Democratic Town Committee shows no platform, no goals, or what they stand for.

However, the site does identify one initiative that the CDTC proposed. This is the only initiative this party proposed over the last two years. Some individual residents proposed more than the entire CDTC. The proposal CDTC focuses on is called the Homestead Tax Exemption that the presenters thought should be offered as a tax credit. The tax calls for adding to the tax rate only for those landowners who live out of town. The aim of the tax was to relieve the burden on middle income year round residents. The CDTC characterized the out of town landowners as the “rich” who are not paying their fair share.

Out of state and year round residents overwhelmingly decried the unfairness of this tax. Many called it class warfare and divisive. The proposal was also characterized as a political ploy to gain votes in this year’s elections. The presentation made no mention of anyone having trouble paying their taxes, only that the “rich” should pay more taxes. Many residents thought this was tantamount to picking their neighbor’s pockets and refused to partake in this obviously ill-conceived idea.

The CDTC gave the residents a peek at what it wouldn’t list as part of their platform. Raise taxes at the expense of a segment of the town’s population that can’t vote. At some time this sort of thinking would adversely affect the people of this town. Sound government is inclusive. All taxpayers of Charlestown are equal from a jurisdictional viewpoint. The CDTC tried unsuccessfully to exclude taxpaying out-of-town residents from the benefits of this town unless they paid more for their services, which they only get to use part-time. Full time residents get the benefits year round from taxes they paid and paid by out-of-towners as well.

Seeing the folly of their unfair tax must have been beyond the ken of these local politicians. Other Democrats, elected to respect all of the taxpayers at the town and district levels, were uncomfortably silent of this proposal and may even have given it their wholehearted support. Evidently, no one in the party advised the CDTC to remove the Homestead Tax Exemption proposal from the website and therefore the site continues to display a political stain on their party’s image.