Town Council Meeting Monday

Town Council Meeting
Monday, March 12, 7 p.m.
Charlestown Elementary School

Some Agenda Items:

  • Public Hearing on the Lighting Ordinance – which has been discussed at several public meetings
  • Current Zoning Ordinance has lighting requirements similar to the new ordinance, but they do not apply to existing fixtures or to all situations.
  • Many businesses in town are already in compliance with the ordinance
  • Buildings that replace fixtures that light up the sky will be required to use shielded fixtures to put light only where it is needed and not into the sky.
  • Single family homes and temporary lighting are exempt from the ordinance

Home Town Hero Award

Smoking Ban on the Beaches


  • to take a new look at updating the Ninigret Park Master Plan that would provide more up to date financial information and be used in conjunction with the Town’s Five Year Capital Improvement Plan.
  • to implement a new memorandum of understanding with the US Fish and Wildlife Service and the US National Park Service to reestablish the Town’s commitments to fulfilling our legal obligations under the Land Transfer Agreement concerning Ninigret Park.