Update On Feb 13 Town Council Meeting

Chariho Budget – The Town Council had a conversation with the Chariho School Superintendent and the Chief Financial Officer about the school budget. By law, the town budget cannot exceed a 4% increase in the tax rate. That total amount is $867,000. Chariho has proposed an increase to the Town of $574,000. That is 66% of the cap. Given that, the Town Council has asked Chariho to continue to cut its budget to lessen the burden on Charlestown.

Vote on support of the Charlestown Land Trust’s purchase of the YMCA property for preservation-approved after discussion 3 -1-1. Greg Avedesian, Marge Frank and Tom Gentz voted to approve purchasing a Conservation Easement, Lisa Dibello voted against it and Dan Slattery had to recuse due to being an abutter.

Edwards Lane Affordable Housing project of seven houses in Carolina by Geoff Marchant was approved for $200,000 acquisition grant and a $50,000 initiative grant for engineering work.

The TA and Police Chief have sent out an RFP to install red light cameras to reduce accidents at corners. The Town has 5 red lights.

The audit was presented with glowing comments about the Town Treasurer’s efforts. No problems were identified.

Lisa DiBello proposed a smoking ban at the beaches. It was sent to the Parks & Rec commission for comment.

The lighting ordinance was continued to the March TC meeting which will be held at the Charlestown Elementary School.

The Breachway Café was given a full liquor license. No problems were found by the police chief and all the speakers spoke in favor of the full license.