Town Council Meeting Monday night

Town Council Meeting
Monday, December 12, 2011 at 7 PM

The following plus more are on tomorrow’s agenda

  • A change to Board and Commission appointments that would require a review and recommendation of the applicants by the current members of the Board or Commission.
  • Discussion of homestead exemption
  • Discussion of sports lighting for Ninigret Park. Request to submit grant application to develop a football stadium with a lighted practice area.
  • Discussion of White Tail Deer Management at Ninigret National Wildlife Refuge.
  • Discussion and potential vote regarding an Affordable Housing Resolution and proposed Affordable Housing Legislation. This is a request to the Legislature to enact a moratorium of at least one year to stop applications from for-profit developers under the law. This would give the towns and legislature time to work out changes to the law.
  • Public hearing and possible vote to create a “Friends of Ninigret Park” organization
  • Presentation of the preliminary report from the YMCA Property Advisory Panel and potential action on a Resolution in support of the Charlestown Land Trust’s purchase of the YMCA property for preservation.