Wind Ordinance Passes, Chariho Budget Transparency Fails

November 7 Town Council Meeting Update 

Tri-Town Council Subcommittee Budget Letter

  • Town Council Vice President Dan Slattery spoke about his suggestion to the Tri-Town Sub-Committee asking the Chariho school district to provide total transparency in the school budget. This suggestion has already been approved by the Hopkinton and Richmond Town Councils. It calls for a line by line detail and summary spending plans for major budget categories in the Chariho budget-what is currently missing if taxpayers want to see where their tax money is being spent. Unfortunately, both Town Council members Gregg Avedesian and  Marge Frank were adamantly opposed to taxpayers asking for this information through the Town Council request. So, the budget letter was not approved.

Wind Ordinance

  • Thanks to the votes of Town Council President Tom Gentz, Town Council member Lisa Delbello and Dan Slattery, a residential wind ordinance was passed. This ordinance allows residents to install their own wind turbines. The ordinance protects homeowners from large utility scale wind turbines on neighboring properties, but allows a resident to install a turbine that will produce as much power as they will use for their home or farm. Residents can install a turbine that is 35 to 45 feet tall with a building permit. For larger turbines, up to 125 feet, it requires that a homeowner get a special use permit and notify neighbors of their plans. Marge Frank abstained from the vote without explaining her reason to abstain and Gregg Avedesian voted against the wind ordinance.

Appointments to the Affordable Housing Commission

  • Congratulations to Kim Zito, Sean White and Faith Labassiere who were named to the Affordable Housing Commission. This has been a commission with very few members for many years and we applaud these volunteers for stepping up to give their time to such a worthy commission.
A request from one of our emailers: “Would you know of any volunteering opportunities for preparing  community Thanksgiving meal preferably in south county?  Or suggestions on any leads.”
If you know of any opportunities, send CCA an email. thanks!!