The Moon and Jack Reed says No to a casino in Charlestown

The skies are clear this weekend and there are events at Frosty Drew both Friday and Saturday night. The observatory in Ninigret Park will be open at dusk both nights. With the Moon in a bright gibbous phase, it will appear beautiful through Frosty Drew’s telescopes. Full details about this and other events at our Bulletin Board.

Our U.S. Senator Jack Reed is holding firm in his resolve to block any change in Federal law that would allow a casino in Charlestown. Stories about this at our news page.

A cell tower is proposed for 248 Shumankanuc Hill Road, Charlestown. A balloon is currently flying at the position of the top of the proposed tower. The Zoning Board will hold a public hearing on the proposed cell tower on October 18. Write us and let us know if you can see the balloon.

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