Things to Do, Your Comments

Things to do
Part One of Carla Ricci’s documentary film about the history of Carolina, Rhode Island will be on RI PBS, Channel 36, on September 24 at 7 PM. The second half to run on October 1 at 7 PM

To see a 90 second trailer of the film, go to

For alternative viewing times on other channels and for lots more events in Charlestown, visit our Bulletin Board

Your Comments
Your comments about red light cameras are at our web site. We hope those comments will serve to inform the Police Chief and Town Council of any questions and concerns that people may have. To join the conversation, follow the date link to read the whole comment and all other comments on that topic. You can e-mail comments to CCA or you can add comments to posts at the website. We’ll run more of your comments in future e-mails.

Thanks for sending us your neighbors’, friends’, relatives’ emails–our CCA list continues to grow. Know of anyone else to add to our list–send us an email with their email address.