Why the Rush On Wind–Westerly Sun Agrees With CCA

For almost two years now, CCA has asked why Charlestown should rush into a wind energy ordinance. It should take a slow and measured approach to protect all residents. Well, on Thursday, the Westerly Sun agreed with us. They said:

“the small town of Charlestown is right to put the brakes on by way of an ordinance that says no wind projects are welcome in town regardless of size, location or intention, period. This would allow them additional opportunity to do the necessary research on such an important issue.”

Following the Town Council’s vote to continue a moratorium on wind projects, the Sun considers it:

“nothing more than a time out, since the Planning Commission is currently writing an ordinance to address regulations for small turbines that could be used by homeowners. Commission chairwoman Ruth Platner said work on the residential plan should be completed soon and that work on an ordinance for large-scale commercial or industrial turbines will come at a later date after continued data collection and study.”

As the Planning Commission works to finish the ordinance as fast as they can, the Westerly Sun says:

“With all that said, we’re comfortable that Charlestown hasn’t slammed the door on wind. Determining how a homeowner might erect a turbine without effecting a neighbor’s quality of life is no easy task. We’re confident the Planning Commission will do its due diligence, and that takes time.”

To read the whole editorial, pick up a copy of the Westerly Sun at your newsstand.
We are also heartened to hear that Maine has realized that stricter noise rules need to be written for wind farms. You can read the Maine story at this link.

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