Meeting Monday, Westerly Sun on Affordable Housing

September 11 – We mourn the loss of lives during that fateful day 10 years ago. May peace prevail for the United States.

September 12 – Town Council Meeting, 7 p.m. Town Hall
On the agenda:

  • Traffic Cameras in Charlestown
  • Wind Energy Ordinance
  • Indemnification Request from the Town Administrator to secure private attorney representation for Richard Sartor, Chief Jack Shippee, Stephen McCandless, William DiLibero, Gregory J. Avedisian and Marjorie F. Frank as named parties in a Human Rights Commission Charge of Discrimination filed by Lisa DiBello
  • First Reading of Ordinance on Taxation, Additional Elderly Low Income Tax Benefit Program.

Westerly Sun on Affordable Housing – In yesterday’s Westerly Sun, there was an editorial about affordable housing. The paper’s views reflect the views of the CCA Steering Committee. The Sun said that affordable housing:

“means something different entirely. It often means a new house. And I don’t get that. Getting assistance is a huge benfit for the recipient, but getting a brand new home at a reduced rate isn’t necessarily the best way to go about this. Who didn’t need to add a little sweat equity when they started?

Many towns are now arguing that they should be allowed to count existing homes that meet the affordable sale or rental price toward that 10 percent goal. This approach makes sense. Adding brand new housing to the inventory when perfectly fine “fixer uppers” exist in abundance doesn’t.

We suggest that an amendment be included that provides incentives for individuals – and developers – to bring existing homes in need of repair up to code as long as they agree to set the selling price in the affordable range. The buyer would be responsible for the rest of the work, providing sweat equity as their share of the deal for getting a house they wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford. This would be the ultimate in recycling.

Thank you Westerly Sun for agreeing with CCA. To read the entire editorial–pick up the newspaper at your newsstand.

Thanks for sending us your neighbors’, friends’, relatives’ emails–our CCA list continues to grow. Know of anyone else to add to our list–send us an email with their email address.

Charlestown Citizens Alliance Steering Committee