Late Blight – Wind

Hurricane Irene is still days away and we hope she will be no more than a Tropical Storm when she arrives in Charlestown. We don’t know yet how bad it will be, but now is a good time to review local evacuation routes and other information posted at the Town’s website. Consider signing up for reverse 911 to receive emergency information by phone.

Protect Your Tomatoes! Late Blight in Charlestown
This is not good news. Late Blight was confirmed this morning on  tomatoes in a garden in Charlestown. It has also been reported in West Kingston. If your tomatoes survive Hurricane Irene, you may want to consider protecting them from Late Blight.

Late blight does not persist in soil, it is an air born fungus. It was reported on Long Island earlier this summer and probably blew in from there or Connecticut. The real issue is that it is here now. Tomato growers should inspect their plants for lesions. If in doubt get in touch with URI. If you have late blight you will need to get rid of the infected plant or it will spread to all your tomatoes and potatoes. The disease kills fast and spreads fast.

This information is from Horticulture Magazine, “remove symptomatic plants by covering them tightly with a plastic bag (before pulling them), then pulling them up. Seal the bags and put them in the trash. Do not put the plants in your compost pile because the spores will continue to spread. Clean your tools and hands thoroughly after pulling infected plants”, or Google “late blight” for more.

Planning Commission Starting work on Residential Wind Turbines
If Irene doesn’t hit us too hard, the Commission will hold a meeting on Wednesday, August 31 at 7p.m. at Town Hall to begin work on Zoning Ordinance changes to allow wind energy devices scaled to power individual homes and small businesses. If you are interested in this topic or have experience with small turbines, you are encouraged to attend.

There are lots of events at our Community Bulletin Board but depending on the strength of Irene some of those may be cancelled or rescheduled. Check with the group sponsoring the event to find out about cancellations.