Overview of Citizens Forum – Monday, August 15

Thanks to all the citizens who came out last night to voice their concerns and give comments to the Town Council. In the future, the Town Council can address all of these issues at meetings by initiating a motion to discuss under new business. Let CCA know your views on the concerns below. Various speakers touched on the following:

Open Space/Recreation

  • Concern about smoking at Town beaches.
  • Parks and Recreation department has done a great job with all the great events this summer.
  • Burlingame Park at Watchaug Pond needs some trash control. The state wants you to pack out all your trash, but this isn’t working.
  • Open space should be monitored for change. Land stewards are needed.
  • Open space properties could have friends groups. Parks departments in other places have these groups. Sometimes they are fund raising groups, others are groups that pick up trash and maintain trails or build trails. Allows abutters, people who use the land, or people who just care about a particular park to be involved in taking care of the parks. Charlestown should look again at the idea of allowing friends groups for each park and open space property.
  • Every piece of land owned or cared for by the Charlestown Land Trust has a Land Steward, someone who walks the land frequently and makes sure things are fine. The Land Trust is having an auction this Saturday at 5 p.m. at Boze Arnold’s Barn.
  • The price Mr. LeBlanc wants for his land is too high.
  • There could be an open space clean up day, similar to the beach clean ups.


  • Allow non-resident property owners a vote at financial meetings and on bond referendum.

Wind ordinance

  • Prudent and wise to slow things down on the wind ordinance.
  • Support for the home owner scale turbine ordinance.
  • Very glad the wind ordinance is being separated so that home owner scale is a different part of the ordinance.
  • Likes the pace which is one of trying to reach consensus and having decisions be science based.


  • Town Hall needs painting on the outside. The artist responsible for the paintings (art work) that hang in Town Hall should be recognized. His name is Lutes.
  • The Fire stations should have warning flashing lights when there is a fire. The Fire stations are on state roads, but Town should ask about this.

Thanks for sending us your neighbors’, friends’, relatives’ emails–our CCA list continues to grow. Know of anyone else to add to our list–send us an email with their email address.

Charlestown Citizens Alliance Steering Committee