TC Meeting, Events,Your Comments

The Town Council will hold a meeting this Wednesday,
August 10, at 7PM, at Town Hall

On the agenda:

  • Jim Mageau is suing the Town for his costs in an assault case that was prosecuted against him by the state. His case will be discussed in an executive session before the regular meeting.
  • Larry LeBlanc will attend the meeting to discuss the potential purchase of his 81 acres on Rt. 1. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Charlestown Planning Commission both provided documents on the high conservation value of the land at an earlier meeting.
  • The Wastewater Management Commission is asking to withdraw their proposed ordinance because they feel it is too complex to implement. They were trying to find a less expensive nitrogen reducing system, but there were objections from a local developer at the hearing and perhaps others. The ordinance was in the public hearing process. They are asking that Charlestown meet with other local towns.
  • Washington County Regional Planning Council has performed an energy audit that shows ways the Town could save $34,000 per year.
  • The Planning Commission has asked that the current wind ordinance be set aside to allow the Commission time to draft language specific to residential wind turbines
  • A request from the Town Administrator to secure a private attorney representation for Richard Sartor, Chief Jack Shippee, Stephen McCandless, William DiLibero, Gregory J. Avedisian and Marjorie F. Frank as named parties in a Human Rights Commission Charge of Discrimination filed by Lisa DiBello
  • Two affordable housing projects have requested partial funding. One is 11 units of mostly 2 bedroom rentals in Shannock Village. The other is about 24 units of all one bedroom elderly rentals on land owned by the Episcopal Church across from the Washington Trust Bank in Cross’ Mills.

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The Farmers’ Market continues tomorrow at Falcone Field (across the street from the old Tim Hortons on Falcone Lane) from 4 to 7 PM. There is lots more to do at

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