Town Council Update, Get Rid of Your Hazardous Waste

Overview of Monday, July 11 Town Council Actions

Opposition to Greater Density – The Town Council(TC) voted unanimously (4 to 0, Lisa DeBello was absent) to send a letter written by Tom Gentz to the governor in opposition of the recently proposed bills recently allowing greatly increased housing density on parcels containing wetlands and other environmental constraints. The bill was stopped this session by the joint efforts of Hopkinton, Charlestown, Burrillville and other rural communities. Similar bills are likely to be introduced again and the Town Council wanted to make their voices heard in advance of any legislative action. CCA will be watching these and similar bills when the legislature reconvenes.

Request from Larry LeBlanc– Town Administrator received a request from Mr.LeBlanc’s attorney to schedule a public meeting to discuss the possible sale of Mr. LeBlanc’s land. TC meeting will be Aug. 10th at 7PM.

Mageau Law Suit – Town Solicitor notified by James Mageau’s attorney that Mr. Mageau had filed a suit in Superior Count against the Town for reimbursement of $20,000 in legal fees. These fees are related to a previous trial regarding assault charges brought against Mr. Mageau. To avoid further prosecution, Mageau signed as part of his plea a stipulation that “waives any rights he may have had to bring a civil suit against the Town of Charlestown or the State of RI” so CCA finds this law suit frivolous.

YMCA Land – TC approved a motion to create an Ad Hoc Committee to address the sale of the YMCA land. The committee will be made up of one TC member (Gregg Avedisian), one member from the Conservation Commission, one member from Parks and Rec, one member from the Planning Commission,one representative from the Charlestown Land Trust, the YMCA if they want to participate, and each of the two communities that reside next to the Y land. The Town Clerk will be accepting applications from the two communities for an opportunity to serve on this committee.

Citizens Forum – TC will hold special meeting for a Citizens Forums on Aug. 15th at 7 p.m. in Town Hall to allow citizens a chance to give feedback to the Council on public policy issues of concern to them.

Legislative Issues— State Rep. Donna Walsh reported on legislative issues that were addressed in the past session that affected Charlestown, including $739,000 for the dredging of the Charlestown Breachway. Important reasons this bill received the legislature’s and Governor’s support was the fact that the people of Charlestown had approved $300,000 of town funds to support the project.

Road Issues – DOT will immediately begin repair work on Rt 1A from the exit near the Charlestown Package store to the South Kingstown town line. The drainage will be upgraded or replaced in some areas. Pavement will also be repaired or replaced depending on current condition. TC asked that lines be painted at the edge of travel lanes to give bicycles as much elbow room and defined space as possible. The pavement is too narrow for a regulation bike path, but painting the edge of travel lanes will make it a little safer for pedestrians using the road. Improving this road has long been a position of the CCA Steering Committee as we note on our website at since 2006.

Looking to get rid of your household waste? The Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation and the Town of Charlestown, will hold an Eco-Depot collection for household hazardous waste from 8 a.m. until 1 p.m. on Saturday, July 30. You can drop off poisons, propane gas tanks and mercury products at the Cross Mills exit at routes 1 and 1A. Any product that is flammable, combustible, explosive, toxic, corrosive or poisonous qualifies as hazardous, such as oil-based paint, fluorescent light bulbs, lawn chemicals, pesticides, antifreeze, pool chemicals, turpentine, muriatic acid, propane gas tanks and fire extinguishers. Appointments are required to reduce customer waiting times.For a complete list of eligible materials, visit To make an appointment, call 401-942-1430, ext. 241.