Decisions–Wednesday Town Council Meeting

Prior to the Regular Meeting-CCA applauds this open, transparent discussion

· Town Council in open session at the Town Administrator’s (TA) request with Councilor DiBello recusing, voted unanimously to give the Town Administrator a satisfactory performance review.

·         Council voted to follow the Budget Commission recommendation to provide an additional 2% “Thank You” salary increase on January 1, 2012, that all the other Town employees will receive July 1, 2011.

·         TA offered and TC accepted his offer to increase his health insurance co-pay from 15% to 20% for a 2% salary increase effective July 1, 2011 as was accepted by the Police department.

·         TA will drive his personal car, saving town money, so TC approved an increase in his car allowance from $225 to $350 a month.

Town Council Meeting:

LeBlanc Land Update
· TC voted to have the TA write Mr. LeBlanc asking him to join with the Town Council in a conversation about saving his 82 acres of land on the North side of Route 1 as open space. Many people described the LeBlanc land as the signature piece of land in Charlestown. The land would be conserved as it is for generations to come if the negotiations are completed. The Town Council assured the residents that whatever price is agreed to in the conversation would be vetted in a Public Hearing before any purchase is complete. Recent appraisal on the land came in at $825,000. CCA believes negotiations on the land are best done by 1-2 Town Councilors rather than a team-the last TC did it as a team and talks broke down quickly.

Mr. Mageau’s claim for $20,000 in attorney’s fees:
· After a detailed Town Solicitor (TS) summary of the Town’s liability, including a recent Supreme Court ruling that protects the Town financially, TC voted to TS write a letter to Mr. Mageau’s attorney asking him to provide  summary of circumstances pertaining to probable cause and provide a detailed accounting of the monetary claim.

Indemnification request from the Town Administrator and others to secure private attorneys:
· TS discussed the lack of quorum deadlock in this matter. Since Councilor Avedisian and Frank are named in the Human Rights Charge of Discrimination filed by Councilor Lisa DiBello, and Lisa has recused herself, there is not a quorum for debate on this matter. TS will work with the Ethics Commission to allow important votes to take place. Now, the TC is unable to function on any matter pertaining to the Discrimination charge.

Community / Senior Center construction update:
Southern Rhode Island Volunteers Executive Director provided update on the construction at the Center. She stated that by August or September the work would be completed.

Beach Structure Ad Hoc Committee reactivated for construction:
TC voted to reactivate the Ad Hoc Committee to oversee the construction of the two beach structures that were recently approved by the voters. One member of the Ad Hoc Committee asked recuse herself for the time being as a family member may be participating on the construction.

Wastewater Management Ordinance:
TC after input from Council members and citizens voted to close the public hearing on the ordinance and send it back to the Commission for discussions with DEM on recommended changes. The altered ordinance may return to the TC.

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