CCA – Expanding for the Future

It’s been almost five years since the Charlestown Citizens Alliance was born. It began as a group dedicated to open and transparent town government and it remains so. Each spring, the Steering Committee refreshes itself, picks new officers, and recruits members for the Steering Committee. We are a diverse bunch of people-from all walks of life, three political parties and all parts of town. We renew our faith in our love of Charlestown and seek out new and exciting voices to join our committee. As we move forward, we hope you continue to support our efforts and enjoy our emails. We continue to give residents a voice to their concerns without judging them. Everyone deserves a place at the table, regardless of their opinions. We will not be negative towards anyone’s ideas-democracy is just too precious to deny.

Let’s hear from you
Given the forum we promise to continue to provide, let us know what’s on your mind about Charlestown.